Dear everyone! We are the boy scout tribe Minas Tirith, located In Hamburg, Ohlsdorf.

You will find our beautiful clubhouse that once was an old police department directly by the train station “Ohlsdorf” in the Alsterdorfer Straße 575.

Our tribe consists of 7 groups with 5-7 boys each from 10 to 16 years old and one leader who is between 17-23 years old. Every group meets once a week on the following dates:

Group Faramir, Monday 17:00-19:30 , age 14-15
Group Dúnedain, Monday 18:00-20:00, age 11-13
Group Isildur, Monday 17:15-19:15, age 13
Group Fangorn, Tuesday 17:00-19:00, age 9-10
Group Earendil, Thursday 17:00-19:00, age 9-11
Group Beregond, Friday 19:00-21:00, age 12
Group Astaldo, Sunday 14:00-16:00, age 15

At these weekly meetings of two hours we are singing, playing outside, cooking, or handcrafting things together. Every one or two months the groups will do a weekend trip with our special tents into the nature where the kids will explore the nature and gain great experiences!

The highlight of the year will be during the summer holidays when each group goes for a three-week journey into another European county to go camping and hiking and experiencing a real adventure.

If you or your son is interested and you/he wants to give it a try, please contact Beppo or use our contact form and we will help you to find a group for you!


Beppo (Jonas Seack)


Alsterdorfer Straße 575 22335, Hamburg, DE