Tribe Eldunarí

Ahoy, we are the new tribe Eldunarí, grown out of Minas Tirith & Andwaranaut. We are currently housed in the lower floor of the “Alte Wache” with 7 groups aged 10 to 16. On our weekly group evenings we sing, cook, play games and do handicrafts. Furthermore, once a month we go on a weekend trip to the forest and every year we will organize a “big trip” abroad such as Sweden, France, Scotland or Slovenia.

Our home the “Alte Wache” is located at Alsterdorfer Str. 575, right next to the S-Bahn station Ohlsdorf.

Monday: 17-19 o’clock group Erebor age 10-11

Monday: 17-19 o’clock group Aurwandil age 14-15

Tuesday: 17-19 o’clock group Oropher, age 11-14

Wednesday: 17-19 o’clock group Númendil, age 12-13

Wednesday: 17-19 o’clock group Valandil, age 14-15

Wednesday: 16-19 o’clock group Narsil, age 12-14

Wednesday: 17-19 o’clock Sippe Oromis, age 10-11

As of: April 2023

Our groups meet Mondays through Wednesdays between 17:00-19:00 at the “Alte Wache” If you have time and want to join us, please contact Buck ( We look forward to seeing you!