to the website of the “Pfadfinder*innenbund Nord” (PBN)!

This is a small introduction in English about who we are and what the PBN does because we do not have the capacity to translate our whole website into English or other languages.

We are a Scout association located in Hamburg, Germany, and we are officially promoted by the Hamburg Authority for Employment, Social, Family Affairs and Integration (BASFI). We have more than 1000 members (age 9-22 years) who make up smaller groups of 5-13 people each of which is guided by a Scout leader aged 16-22 years. Our motto is “Youth Guides Youth”. Our Scout leaders have all completed a training course to earn their positions. This course takes at least 3 weeks and includes topics on education, health and nutrition, survival and travelling skills. Additionally, they have completed a first-aid-course that further specializes in travel and childcare. All of our Scout leaders and the board of the association are working as volunteers. They each own a youth group leader card (Juleica).

Our Scout activities are based on forming a group of young people and strengthening the community of the group. The members of a group are the same age and they stay together for 4-6 years. During this time we focus on joint activities including playing, crafting, singing, and learning from and with each other. The established groups go hiking regularly with a tent around the Hamburg region over the weekend (about once per month). During the summer holidays they travel for 2-3 weeks in European Countries where they discover nature, foreign countries, and new cultures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at info@pbn.de. If you are interested to become a member in our association please take a look at Stämme which shows our local groups in Hamburg and the direct contact details.


1st Chairman: Colin Casey (Cheese)
2nd Chairwoman: Cara Tarasin (Ayowo)
Treasurer: Carla Roskothen (Lusiné)

Member of:
German Scouts Federation (DPV)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hamburger
Pfadfinderverbände e.V (AHP)

Pfadfinder*innenbund Nord
Alsterdorfer Straße 575
22335 Hamburg